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Incoming, 'Spiritual Reboot' the fragrance fall campaign for Icelandic perfume house, ANDREA MAACK titled “Spiritual Reboot”, shot by French art director and photographer Romain Le Cam, with Danish born fashion stylist Anna Clausen as his muse.

For the campaign Maack asked Romain and Anna to pick their favorite scents in the collection and sent them on a journey to the Icelandic highlands to capture their olfactory experience in this visual campaign. Romains take on the project: When we took these images we tried to reattach each scent with a texture, moss, rock, lichen, sand, but I tried to add a disruptive element each time, gold powder, red pigments, silver glitters. For me, these fragrances are disruptive in the way of breaking boundaries between art and cosmetic. This spirit was a true inspiration to add up these elements of poetry and disruption in the landscapes. Anna: Working with Romain on the shoot for Andrea Maack was an unique experience. It is rare these days to work with photographers shooting in medium format, it brings an element of surprise and not knowing how the result will come out. The cinematic feel in his pictures are otherworldly, he captures the texture and scent of the perfumes in an intense and elegant way and I'm thrilled to be part of this beautiful project.