The experience: Citrus and Ginger Scrub in an Icelandic Sauna

Key raw materials: The powerful, uplifting aromas of ginger, lemon and pink pepper coexists with the grounded woody elements of dry amber and cedar wood resulting in an enlivening scent experience. This fragrance mimics the feeling of fresh water on the skin and the intense colour spectrum surrounding the hot spring lagoons in Iceland.

Details: Opens with a fresh blast of ginger and lemon, fragrant, slightly spicy and tangy. Slowly becomes woodier, rounding off into a mellow amber accord. It floats between the brighter notes and the warmer base tones, effortlessly...

DUAL edp comes in the signature black ANDREA MAACK 50 ML perfume bottle, Made in Iceland.

Top Notes:
Ginger, Lemon

Heart Notes:

Base Notes:
Dry Amber, Pink Pepper

Nose: Alienor Massenet


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