The experience : Entering a world of 90's rave culture, an olfactory experience in hyperreality

Fragrance family : Citrus and Fresh (vegan). 19% concentration.

Key raw materials: A very rare composition of a Crystal Rose. This never-smelled-before rose absolute was created especially for the artist and is based on her assertive paintings using pinks, oranges and reds. The vibrant hues represent raw ingredients such as mandarin and sweet orange with a bright splash of rum absolute.

LIGHTSOURCE edp comes in the signature black ANDREA MAACK 50 ML perfume bottle, Made in Italy.

Free standard delivery for orders above 50 USD (Conditions apply). 2 complimentary samples offered for every order

Nose: Celine Ripert

Top Notes:
Lemon, Green Fig

Middle Notes:
Petitrain, Star Jasmine, Crystal Rose

Base notes:
Pink Pepper, Black Pepper

Additional Information:

Unisex on the sweeter side

It's not a too complicated fragrance great for a Niche beginner

Recommended to a younger clientele, or just someone looking for a bright scent.

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