The experience: A fine faux leather watchband that picked up traces of a luscious Vanilla Scent!

Key raw materials: At first, it emits substance and intimacy but as you spend more time and delve deeper the visceral moods unravel, revealing the sensual and the seductive. Smart opens with a luxurious line-up of heady jasmine, luscious vanilla, exotic sandalwood and creamy musk blended carefully with a subtle buckskin leather note that holds the white notes in balance.

Details: Immediate burst of violet in the first second, that quickly delves into a blend of vanilla and jasmine. They are so intricately woven that you can't pinpoint them, but also enjoy the melody they build together throughout the scent's life.  Accompanied by warm sandalwood and musk notes, working in their magic. As the scent settles, a leather note in the background becomes more pronounced. It also becomes slightly powdery, but not overwhelming! Feels like you're in a heady white flower garden, accidentally stepping on some violets while trying to clean fallen vanilla ice cream from your soft suede leather jacket! Quite a strange and purposeful combination, that's quite addictive! 

SMART edp comes in the signature black ANDREA MAACK 50 ML perfume bottle, Made in Iceland.

Top notes:
Vanilla, Violet leaf

Heart notes:
Sandalwood, Jasmine

Base notes:
White Musk, Buckskin

 Nose: Alienor Massenet 

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