6 am cold winter morning when the only sound around you is the motor of your warming up car. Your freezing hand holding a scraper, folded into a sweater sleeve and scraping off the frost from the car windows. The smell of gasoline, the metallic ice, the soft, fresh snow and your own warm breath. Everything around you is quiet and you know it's going to be a calm day.

Sharp aldehydes and frozen metal give this fragrance a cool sophistication and a futuristic feel. Under its icy and metallic top note, a warm and woody heart is waiting to be thawed - a mixture of resinous elemi, earthy patchouli and robust cedar. The Elemi note is a note of incense with undertones of fresh citrus fruits and a hint of salt. The invigorating incense and the cool metallic bite play well together, and what starts out as a novelty develops into a well-rounded fragrance.

Originally created for a temporary museum exhibition and never intended to be worn as a personal fragrance, the character of Craft is illusive, dynamic and exciting. A fragrance for those who stand out from the crowd. With its icy, metallic opening, the scent deepens in complexity with the introduction of cedarwood in the middle notes, and a base of patchouli that anchors the fragrance in familiar territory.

Top notes:
Aldehydes, Ice

Heart notes:
Cold metal, Cedar Wood

Base notes:
Elemi, Patchouli

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