The experience: 6 am cold winter morning when the only sound around you is the motor of your warming up car.

Key raw materials: Sharp aldehydes and frozen metal give this fragrance a cool sophistication and a futuristic feel. Under its icy and metallic top note, a warm and woody heart is waiting to be thawed - a mixture of resinous elemi, earthy patchouli and robust cedar. The Elemi note is a note of incense with undertones of fresh citrus fruits and a hint of salt.

Details: The opening is dominated by aldehydes strung in an icy fashion, leading to a cold metal accord. It's initially jarring, but quickly melds into your senses... After a while, a backbone of clean patchouli and elemi make themselves known, adding a darker and spicier edge, without being too aggressive. The aldehydes still maintain a slightly soapy vibe that randomly erupts over the base notes. It's an abstract composition, that feels quite grounded and carnal at the same time...

CRAFT edp comes in the signature black ANDREA MAACK 50 ML perfume bottle, Made in Iceland.

Top notes:
Aldehydes, Ice

Heart notes:
Cold metal, Cedar Wood

Base notes:
Elemi, Patchouli

Nose: Alienor Massenet

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