The experience: A journey into a secret enchanted woodland

Key raw materials: A rich soil tincture kickstarts Coven. This lush, metallic note seeps into oakmoss and mingles with the verdant greens of galbanum intending to grip you tightly in its spell. Raw with a deep, earthy note that nudges this scent to the top and eventually oozes into oak moss and green grass, the fragrance has a powerful, distinctive and resinous presence.

Details: Opens with a bitter green labdanum, tempered with light vanilla touches. A few minutes later you can feel a woodiness approaching, wrapped in centennial oak moss. Magical earthiness ensues! As you get into the dry down, galbanum bridges the aforementioned greenness, retaining its wild demeanor, cradled by spicy and warming cloves. The blending is amazing and produces a feeling of crashing into a green, moist and mossy forest... Then laying on the ground, in the middle of the earth, plants and trees for ages, becoming layered in Nature itself... It's baffling and riveting at the same time! 

COVEN EDP comes in the signature black ANDREA MAACK 50 ML perfume bottle, Made in Iceland.

Top notes:
Vanilla, Labdanum

Heart notes:
Cedar Wood, Oak Moss

Base notes:
Galbanum, Clove

Nose: Céline Ripert



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