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The experience: Time to Spice Things Up!

Key raw materials: A modern blend that combines bitter, cold spices with warm, liquorice-like and animal notes. The dark atmosphere of the cumin, frankincense and styrax is enhanced by lighter ingredients like green and pink pepper and cypress wood. That fits unique note Bigarane, a gentle green note that is reminiscent of petitgrain and can only be found in very few fragrance compositions. The black musk and candied fig develop the fragrance into an addicting and captivating, original and lucrative fragrance universe.

Details: Opens with a spicy green that melds into cypress. Then, slowly, a green angelica joins the fray, with wafts of incense throughout. It remains spicy, as it progresses into the base. There, a dark fruitiness from fig and black musk wraps around a styrax note. That breach of animalic really traverses the composition, taking it to another level! The wearing experience feels like a roller coaster, with notes transitioning and changing left and right... So hypnotizing!! When it finally settles, there's a grandiose conclusion, fitting to the aforementioned experience. 

CORNUCOPIA edp comes in the signature black ANDREA MAACK 50 ML perfume bottle, Made in Iceland.



Top notes:
Green pepper, Bigarane, Cypress Wood

Heart notes:
Cumin, Angelica, Incense

Base notes:
Candied Fig, Styrax, Black Musk

Nose: Céline Ripert


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